"It took me four years to paint like Raphael but a lifetime to paint like a child" Pablo Picasso


She enjoys working in oil and pencil. Her subject matter varies.  She paints portraits, figures in the landscape, landscapes, still life and Historic street scenes. She is a member of the Impressionist Society of America and Oil Painters of America and Alabama Plein Air Painters.

"For the first time I can truly relate to the quote by Pablo Picasso......learning to paint like a child will take a lifetime!"  Children are so free when they create, they express themselves with no fear. Their work is simple and beautiful. In the fallen world we live in today, people need an escape, to rest their minds and weary souls.  Only Christ can do that for us!  But my hope is that through my art I can temporarily lift the viewers mind and soul to a place of peace and harmony.


Vanessa Miller was born and raised in South Africa.  Her father was a successful entrepreneur and encouraged her to get a business degree. He taught her the importance of discipline and hard work. After completing her Bachelor of Economics at the University of Stellenbosch she studied drawing part-time at the Paarl College of Art. 

Later when moving to the United States she pursued art full-time. She went on to study portraiture with Chris Saper and then with Daniele Greene. And later outdoor painting with John C. Traynor. 


Recent  Awards and Shows

2017- Anne Memorial Purchase Award- Bluff Park, Juror, Don Everhardt, BFA, designer US Mint ,Pennsylvania


2018 - Panoply Arts Festival, Huntsville
2018 - 4 Bridges - Chattanooga
2018 - Huntsville Museum of Art, Spring Gala
2017 - Panoply Arts Festival, Huntsville
2017 - Montesano Art Show, Huntsville
2017 - Bluff Park, Birmingham
2017 - Huntsville Museum of Art, Spring Gala
2016 - Panoply Arts Festival, Huntsville
2016 - Montesano Art Show, Huntsville
2016 - Bluff Park, Birminghan
2016- Huntsville Museum of Art, Spring Gala
2015 - Huntsville Museum of Art, Spring Gala
2015 - Panoply Arts Festival Huntsville
2015 - Montesano Art Show
2014 - Panoply Arts Festival, Hunstville
2014 - Montesano Arts Festival
2014- Progress Bank
2013 - Panoply Arts Festival, Huntsvile
2013 - Montesano Arts Show
2013 - Progress Bank
2012- Panoply Arts Festival, Huntsville
2012 - Montesano Arts Festival
2012 - Art on the Square , Huntsville
2011 - Panoply Arts Festival, Huntsville
2011- Montesano Arts Festival
2011 - Art On the Square, Huntsville


2014 - Harrison Brothers, Huntsville


2013 - OPA - Salon Show, Petoskey, MI